Building an Ebihen 16

Ebihen 16 Clinker (Lapstrake) Gaff rig Cutter
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The Boss and The Skipper have owned boats since 1975 or so. The first dinghy was an old wooden Enterprise, which we restored and sailed for several years. She was sold and the Skipper bought (with help from The Boss) a Laser which was raced for a number of years. That was sold and was followed by a Mirror, GP14, Optimist, a sailboard or two until we decided to go offshore sailing, initially in a Westerly Centaur, followed by a Rival 41 and finally a Sadler 34. We got our tags from that time, thanks to J with a video camera on a delivery trip. For a variety of reasons, we ended not sailing very much especially in 2017, 18, 19. By Oct 19, we sold the Sadler and the Skipper has chosen to build a wooden boat as shown in the image above.

This will be the story of its building.